May 2021

1st Selling out of some long term holds.
2nd Catching up with the family for Easter. Been over a years since e last caught up.
3rd Getting a few enquiries about the car.
4th Transfer a few thousand into Stake.
5th Putting in a 2k order for a byunch of DGI stocks.
6th Starting to swing more towards long term view and lowering the starting yield.
7th Getting out of SelfWealth.
8th Catching up with the family for Georgia's Christening.
9th A nice sunny day visiting Nanna.
10th Selling out of low conviction and buying into higher conviction stocks.
11th Buying some larger longer play items.
12th Finally getting the proceeds from some gains.
13th Need to pull back on some lower conviction stocks.
14th Will have to get used to having cash as a component of the portfolio.
15th Good bye to the Mazda.
16th Taking a gamble on UWMC.
17th T spliting up.
18th More stocks to expand into.
19th Spotify is not playing nice.
20th mmmmmmm pizza.
21st Need to clean up.
22nd Way too sore and having a bad day.
23rd Still sore and getting better.
24th Taking the Chrsyler to work and it feels very different to the Ford.
25th Looks like Grumpy's date has changed again.
26th An early start to the day.
27th Getting a new Merkur Progress (short handle), a bunch of feather blades and Colonel Conk soaps.
28th Crashplan playing up, uninstall, reinstall and a resync should fix it.
29th Way too sore.
30th Relaxing and cleaning up a bit.
31st Another year, another day at home.
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