March 2021

1st Ordering PLTR. Not sure what is going to happen and more of a punt.
2nd Taking care of Erryn.
3rd The stock list is getting bigger each day.
4th Too bad M1 Finance is not in Oz.
5th Transferring takes longer but the new broker is cheaper so a bit of planning is worth it.
6th Relaxing.
7th Bunnings run :)
8th It's good to catch up with work mates after a long time at home.
9th A lot of research.
10th Getting into STAKE.
11th Time to transfer out the holdings.
12th Another REIT, GAIN.
13th Cashing out the gains in OKTA.
14th Relaxing and cleaning up.
15th A day with Addie.
16th More relaxing.
17th Waiting on a couple of k to transfer on the first trade.
18th Two small buys on a spec play.
19th Fractional trading.
20th Relaxing.
21st Helping put together some fence panels.
22nd Slowly clearing out the pantry.
23rd Moving to some growth stocks.
24th Part of the day with Evie.
25th Selling out of WAM and getting a decent profit.
26th A hard end to the day.
27th Relaxing.
28th A busy day at Melboure Uni helping with the MIFGS display.
29th Crazy busy day.
30th Looking forward to the break.
31st A very expensive day for Erryn.
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