July 2021

1st Trying to figure out what is blocking 443.
2nd Mmmmmmm, pizza.
3rd Cleaning up the Chrysler and making room in the garage.
4th A cold and rainy day.
5th Yikes, phones go crazy today.
6th Is today Tuesday? It feels like Wednesday.
7th Another site to research, choosefi.com.
8th Starting to get used to cold shaves in the morning.
9th Need to fix up the shelf for the monitor on the desk.
10th Fixing up one of the shelves in the bathroom.
11th Catching up with mum for coffee.
12th New teeth delayed.
13th Some more shaving products to try out.
14th New air fryer, works well after the first try .
15th Here we go again.
16th Another lockdown.
17th Cleaning up.
18th New shelves in the storage room.
19th Global Plex DNS killed the certs. Nice going.
20th Another 7 days of working at home.
21st Really liking the Off the Press Shiraz.
22nd Looking at new brushes and razors.
23rd Looking forward to the weekend and elaxing.
24th Sorting out the spices.
25th New shelf in the ensuite.
26th A large order is on its way.
27th A bunch of new toys to try out.
28th Not a fan of the 38C.
29th Now, the 39C is a nice razor.
30th The R41 is harsh.
31st This will take some getting use to.
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