January 2021

1st Timezone with Addie.
2nd Ralaxing.
3rd Looking after Addie.
4th Pancakes for breakfast for Addie.
5th More tidying up.
6th A fun day out at Queenscliff.
7th Back at work for the year.
8th Finished The Good Place.
9th In the back yeard cleaning up the grass.
10th Relaxing and trying out a new pizza base recipe.
11th Home for the week and slowly getting through the DVDs.
12th Cleaning up and the office is starting to look normal again.
13th More ripping.
14th 1st day of VTAC and the phones go nuts.
15th Back into reading again.
16th New single bed for Addie .
17th Back into counting calories.
18th In the office for the first time this year.
19th Having to hard reset the NAS is never fun. Not a good day, now Poetman is corrupt, so reinstall the OS and rebuild from backups so all is good again.
20th Updating the setup scripts and ordering a new (faster) micro SD card for the Pi.
21st New SD card and Hue Plug arrived, waiting for the card reader that was out of stock.
22nd Way too tired and crashing on the couch after work.
23rd Overtime and helping with exams.
24th Looking at adoption and permanent care.
25th Looking at tracking IVV.
26th Counting and getting lower numbers on the scale.
27th Waiting on the card reader to transfer the data to the new card.
28th Well that was easy. Used the inbuilt SD card copier and it was done in a few minutes.
29th Getting to hold Evie for a bit.
30th Picking up a Rotating Green Laser.
31st Picking up a laser measure tool to add to the bag.
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