February 2021

1st A lot to learn about lasers.
2nd A day in the city at the dentist.
3rd Trying to come up with some card ideas.
4th Wrapping several boxes.
5th Back into ripping .ts files.
6th Relaxing and cleaning.
7th Binge watching The Act and having the family over for dinner.
8th Time to sell HVST, it was a fun ride but it is time to go.
9th DDR here we come.
10th Calling out the RACV twice to replace the battery in the Chrysler..
11th Getting the VPN client back up and running. Simple unticking of the metered connection fixed it.
12th Another lockdown.
13th Starting the build of the bench seat.
14th Cleaning up the boxes from the pots.
15th Home for the week.
16th Time to get serious with growth and dividends.
17th Trying out a new broker.
18th Lots of new sites to test.
19th A lot of challenging calls today.
20th Relaxing.
21st New broker setup and ready to use.
22nd Selling out of PRT.
23rd Buying MO.
24th Putting more funds into the US account.
25th A bunch of smaller trades and 5 new stocks.
26th Last day of exams.
27th Relaxing.
28th Family over for dinner and Erry's birthday.
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