April 2021

1st Another 20K down.
2nd Way too sore and not moving at all today.
3rd Catching up with mum.
4th Lunch with the family for Easter.
5th Relaxing.
6th Is the hernia back?
7th Back at work and dripping more into shares.
8th DGI is the way to go.
9th Planning for a busy day.
10th A long day building a bench.
11th At Melbourne Uni building a platform.
12th Kinda busy day and good to be home.
13th Garden coming along nicely.
14th A few grand to spend on PLTR.
15th Grabbing a bunch of new stocks.
16th Focusing more on DGI stocks and the opening of the garden at Burnley.
17th Sleeping most of the day.
18th Back at Burnley to check out the garden.
19th Fine tuning the DGI stocks.
20th Has the load been switched to monthly?
21st Need to ease off and build up cash reserves.
22nd Don't block all/all in the WAN In firewall rule, it is never a good idea .
23rd Updating and repairing VBox. Seems like each update to VirtualBox needs 2 rebbots and a repair.
24th BBQ at K&Js.
25th Relaxing.
26th Picking up a couple more aristocrats.
27th Waiting for the shares to transfer to the new broker.
28th Booking in leave.
29th YAY new client.
30th Big chunk of dividends coming in.
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