September 2020

1st A quiet day on the exam queue.
2nd Finding some open directories to search through.
3rd Another bunch on movies to add.
4th Drilling more holes and adding power points to the kitchen bench.
5th Helping to count pants and adding another 6TB to the NVR.
6th A bunch of new stuff added.
7th Another search site to add to the list.
8th Learning the new system and how this thing works.
9th Busy day with people who dont want to listen.
10th Time to tidy up.
11th The earings have arrived, just in time.
12th Looking forward to the weekend.
13th Nine years.
14th Lots of new files to grab.
15th Going to skip 6.0.20 with all the complaints.
16th Took a while but the ratio is over 1.
17th Is it pizza time yet?
18th Looking at more Synology units.
19th Watching some old Sci-Fi. Flight of the Navigator.
20th Power outage for about 30 mins. Good thing for the UPS units.
21st Switching to the 10-6 shift for a while.
22nd Could this be a good thing?
23rd I pity the fool.
24th Trying to find the 5.10am daily loss of connection.
25th Redoing CompTIA+.
26th Need to skip a few meals here and there.
27th Haven't felt this bad for a while.
28th Dropped a couple of kgs, need to keep it up.
29th Itching to get more hard drives.
30th Going back to Warehouse 13.
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