October 2020

1st Jack is not a fan of the duck outfit.
2nd Cleaning up and getting ready for tomorrow.
3rd Three cubic meters of mulch and soil to add to the garden.
4th Tired and sore but good to get it done.
5th Shakes are not really working that much.
6th Looking at booster seats for the car.
7th More tweaking of the firewall rules.
8th Mmmmmm, pizza.
9th Think I need to put together a spare wine rack.
10th Sophie over for a catch up.
11th Catching up with the family.
12th Need to get back to IF.
13th Why do some people flat out lie to you when you are trying to help them?.
14th Welcome to the world Eve.
15th Looking after Addie for a few days.
16th Hopefully the iFixit tools will last a lot longer that the current "Pro" stuff.
17th Taking care of Addie.
18th Another fun and busy day running after a very energetic 3.5yo.
19th Looks like the USG has been stable for a while and can switch off the autoreboot.
20th Way too sore today.
21st Rolling back to an older version of some software as a good feature was removed.
22nd Setting up new documentation on the switches.
23rd Itching to get back to the computer shop and by more stuff.
24th Dropping a few kgs, not a bag start and have to keep going.
25th Breaking stuff, fixing stuff, breaking stuff, fixing stuff.
26th Configering VLANs.
27th Having to read thru a scipt on the phones is never fun.
28th Getting to play with Addie.
29th Looking after Addie for the morning.
30th Signing up for CCNA courses.
31st Lots of Youtube videos to watch.
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