November 2020

1st Looking at 2 Cisco switches for a lab.
2nd Catching up with Evie and checking out the progress on the new garden.
3rd Breaking the Linux VM on the work machine.
4th Bah, not playing nice, will reinstall.
5th Catching up with the Brown's and helping with their garden.
6th Installing a new VM. Configured and back up and running.
7th More work on K&J's garden.
8th Way too sore to do anything today.
9th Falling asleep fully clothed, not a good night.
10th Start of the new teeth for Erryn.
11th Gearing up for Exam support.
12th Lots to learn with the CCNA.
13th Looks like work from home is going to be an ongoing thing.
14th Ordered 2 x Catalyst 3560G switches.
15th Ralaxing, studying and watering the plants.
16th The two 24 port switches are out of stock so they are sending 48 port versions instead.
17th Damn it, the SD card in the Pi corrupted again. On the plus side getting it back up is fairly quick and putting together some scripts will make faster next time.
18th Put in an order for 2 x ISR 2811.
19th And one more router into the mix a 1921.
20th Got the 1921 delivered and took a few hours to get it up and running. Had to open it up and remove the nvram to factory reset it.
21st Catching up with Sofie for a long chat.
22nd Relaxing and skipping study for the day.
23rd Back at the ofice for the first time in several months.
24th Working out how to setup SSH on the new equipment.
25th Setting up a new VM. This time getting Raspberry OS installed.
26th Looking forward to the weekend and getting into study mode with the new routers and switches.
27th Feeling like crap and getting an ambulance ride to the hospital.
28th X-rays and CT scans are ok but the NG tube hurt so much.
29th Feeling better and if the gastrografin swallow x-ray is clear then I can go home.
30th Home time. Relaxing and setting up Packer Tracer.
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