May 2020

1st A good day.
2nd A box full of books to read.
3rd Time to learn Vim.
4th May the fourth be with you.
5th Clearing out 200GB of duplicate files.
6th And finding more dups.
7th Bond... James Bond.
8th Finding more 264 content to upgrade.
9th Is it time for pizza yet?
10th Moving more things into the office.
11th Failing updates on the Desktop.
12th One update went through.
13th A bunch of new shows.
14th A late night with some overtime.
15th Taking care of Erryn in Hospital.
16th Another day alone.
17th Back at home.
18th Booked the first client, YAY go Erryn.
19th Adding a new indexer may help with finding stuff.
20th Finding more 0 bitrate files.
21st PRTG is not playing nice today.
22nd Need to relax.
23rd Leave break.
24th Catching up with family.
25th Starting to watch Supergirl and The Flash.
26th Clearing out a few hundgred GB.
27th Lots of planning and late nights.
28th Saying goodbye to Thia Maria.
29th Relaxing.
30th Taking care of Addie for the night.
31st Relaxing and cleaning up permissions in the media folder.
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