March 2020

1st A fun, but long day, at the Glenferrie Festival.
2nd Back to work.
3rd Some overtime at work makes for a long day.
4th Maintenance on the NAS takes quite a while to scan.
5th Another long day then stuck in traffic on the way home.
6th Bugger, feel like utter crap today.
7th Relaxing and cleaning.
8th A busy day at when then home to a nice dinner with the family.
9th After several years it is still hard to not eat.
10th Tool Time!!!.
11th Soft Phone!!!.
12th Working from home, nice and easy but having less screens slows down the workflow a bit.
13th Crazy times ahead.
14th Melbourne Flower and Garden Show cancelled :(
15th Overtime at work.
16th That is a day I won't forget for a long time.
17th Moving desks in the morning then moving desks in the afternoon. What a day.
18th Working from home takes some getting use to.
19th Strange being at home and working.
20th Cancelling the trip :(
21st Trying to relax.
22nd It's getting worse.
23rd Is this the new normal? Some interesting times ahead.
24th A few tweaks to the front window means the doggies can be in the office with us without barking like crazy.
25th Need to tidy up the power cables on the desk.
26th Breaking the NIC in the Vertual Machine and fixing it.
27th Last day of working at home.
28th Firing up the lawn mower and cutting the grass.
29th Relaxing.
30th Getting a 12 pack from Tscharke.
31st More tyding up and home and getting back some space.
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