June 2020

1st FIRE!!!.
2nd A dead UPS and a lot of cleanup.
3rd Ordering a replacement UPS and more cleanup.
4th UPS arrived and setting up taeper again.
5th Reinstalling Taeper with lots of updates and config changes.
6th Sleepy.
7th Catching up with family for a cuppa.
8th A big lunch for several birthdays with the family.
9th Loading up a new indexer.
10th Finding lots of new sources.
11th Back at work for a short week.
12th Too bad Sam was not well enough to come over.
13th Way too cold today.
14th Contacting APC about the UPS.
15th Slowly cleaning up.
16th Might be getting a new UPS.
17th Two more smoke alarms.
18th A 3 hours meeting to get ready for exams.
19th Last day of working from home for a while.
20th Putting a jacket on me and configuring Jackett for the server.
21st Trying to fix the Windows update rollback issue.
22nd Updating to VM 6.1 breaks things. Downgrading resolves the issue for now and will have to check for a solution.
23rd Getting confirmation of the delivery for the new UPS and the expansion battery.
24th Copying from TV specials into the Movies folder.
25th Got the new UPS.
26th New UPS running nicely. 60-70+ minutes uptime.
27th A relaxing day and a nice lunch in Baccus Marsh.
28th Taking care of Sophie for a few days.
29th Cooking up some satay chicken.
30th Good new for Sophie.
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