July 2020

1st Checking out Sophie's new (temporary) new place.
2nd Looking at some new wines from 919.
3rd Two new Co2 fire extinguishers to setup.
4th Relaxing.
5th It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights, it's time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight.
6th Home alone.
7th Catching up with Sofie. CRAP... forgetting the laptop at Sofie's then driving all the way back to pick it up. Me is very silly.
8th Fiddling with the reporting logs to get more info out of grep and cut.
9th Research on Unifi Protect.
10th Is getting new cameras a good idea?
11th Finally setting up the wired VLAN.
12th A sore back and trying to rest for the day.
13th Applying for a new role.
14th Putting poetman onto a new VLAN.
15th Time to tidy up the switch and cables on the desk.
16th Getting more clients onto the IoT.
17th Sofie over for a catch up.
18th Two more smoke alarms installed.
19th Looks like the board is too old for the new PCIe cards.
20th Back at work to find no power at the desks.
21st PCIe is out, board way too old but a USB 2.5GB could be an option.
22nd Protect should be in stock in about a week.
23rd Nest and Home have reset and need to enter in all the units again.
24th Looking forward to the weekend.
25th Relaxing and sleeping.
26th No internet, a reboot of the router and problem fixed.
27th Looks like a reboot broke some custom settings in VM. A quick fiddle and they are back up and running normally again.
28th Cleaning up in the pantry and making some space.
29th Time to cleanup and desk and make a new shelf.
30th Really need a back massage today. Hard to move and in pain most of the day.
31st Looking forward to the weekend.
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