January 2020

1st Farewell to Erryn for a few days while on a trip to Queensland.
2nd 2 new 16TB NAS drives to have fun with.
3rd Is the timeout and slowness issue ficed in Chrome now? Looks like it may have been a local cert issue.
4th A day of Star Wars.
5th Picking up the family from the Airport.
6th New drive in, now for the next one.
7th A few issues with the sync and missing some space.
8th Bah a lot of research to work out why the new drive is not expanding the Volume.
9th And of course a reboot fixed it in part. Only seeing 3TB of new space.
10th Up, down, up, down, high usage and still only seeing 3TB..
11th Yay, had to force an expansion via CLI on the individual device instead of the whole /data mount.
12th Swapped the last 6TB with the spare 12TB in the backup NAS and waiting for the sync.
13th More space in the backup NAS.
14th And now the backup jobs are failing to run.
15th Clearing out the cron jobs and recreating.
16th Nothing backing up, strange.
17th Date night.
18th Relaxing at home...alone.
19th Get your hands off me you dirty Ape.
20th Still got issues with the backup.
21st Lots of new stuff to watch.
22nd Looking forward to the break.
23rd Surprisingly nice Yellowtail Merlot.
24th Beyond burgers on the BBQ at work, nice.
25th First day of a very long break.
26th Another talk at All Green learning about plants.
27th BBQ lunch with the family.
28th Ordering a new card for the desktop, a GTX 1660 TI.
29th Card in and working well, no looking at an upgrade CPU.
30th Back on the Malbec, an old nice friend to keep me warm.
31st Off to the vets for all three kids.
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