February 2020

1st Lunch with Auntie Bronie and Uncle Andy.
2nd Birthday lunch with Addie.
3rd More $$$ towards the server. Swapping the i5-4570 for a i7-4790k.
4th New glasses, have to get used to them.
5th Ralaxing and a bit of cleaning and gardening.
6th Another meeting with the dentist to go over the plan.
7th A day at a small business conference listening to great speakers.
8th Getting used to the glasses.
9th Dinner anf The Matrix with K&J.
10th An expensive day at the vets with Penny.
11th Looking after Addie.
12th Dentist then onto Tyrepower to repair a tyre. Home then relaxing.
13th Relaxing and cleaning.
14th Getting a new phone for Erryn and swapping plans.
15th Relaxing.
16th Retest for the glasses.
17th Moving Erryn's desk to the front room.
18th Moving my desk to the front room.
19th Setting a few things up again.
20th A bit of tweaking and sorting out the cables.
21st Relaxing.
22nd Catching up with family for Nicki's christening and a nice lunch.
23rd Learning about encoding and re-muxing.
24th Off to the dentist with Erryn.
25th Another i7 to test in the machine.
26th Running around the playground with Addie.
27th Moving from x264 to x265.
28th Relaxing.
29th A day helping to build stuff for the Garden Show.
Powered by: the heat in the kitchen