December 2020

1st Relaxing and looking at scan images.
2nd Back at work and ordering a hard drive and inwall ap for the garage.
3rd Looking at large cars and looking at micro cars.
4th Back at home.
5th Setting up the Cisco 1921 as R1, then breaking it and setting it up again.
6th R2 is up but not routing.
7th Need to get back into the training.
8th Setting up papercut pritning on the machine.
9th Time to tidy up this place.
10th Finally getting some good sleep after a few restless nights.
11th Working in the office today and catching up with the team for end of year dinner.
12th Running around the plaza looking for gifts then playing with Addie for a bit.
13th Relaxing for the day.
14th Need to cut the grass.
15th New Chromecast with Google TV and remote.
16th Trying to work out the new Chromecast.
17th Looking at cars.
18th More research.
19th Signed paperwork for a Chrysler Grand Voyager 2008.
20th Relaxing the reading up on the Chrysler.
21st Tidying up on a few last jobs at work getting ready for the last day.
22nd Last day of work for the year then on call for the week.
23rd Cleaning up the garage and picking up the car tomorrow.
24th New car, a lot larger than the others and takes up way more spaec in the garage.
25th Christmas lunch with the family.
26th Getting some items for the Chryler.
27th Setting up the first tennis ball in the garage.
28th Cleaning up the back yard.
29th Finished the bookshelf, clean out the nook and take a lot of cardbord to the recycling centre.
30th Putting up the spare camera.
31st Family over to see out the end of the year.
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