August 2020

1st A lot of metadata to update in the media files.
2nd Automatiing some reboot service scripts.
3rd K.I.T.T is back.
4th Last day of freedom for a while.
5th 2 War of the Worlds series to watch.
6th Lots of new movies.
7th Needing a reboot again.
8th Spending lots to get the car fixed.
9th Relaxing and cleaning.
10th Wish the NAS would either scrub faster or run partial scrubs more often.
11th Looking at the G3.
12th Another B12 injection.
13th Need some more power points in a few places.
14th Getting ready and reading up for the upate.
15th A weird bug with the 1903 update, close and open the task manager.
16th Making more bricks.
17th A mix up in communication and heading into the office when working from home.
18th Home for a week.
19th Ordering the new NVR.
20th Order shipped and it's on the way.
21st Last day of exams.
22nd Slowly updating the metadata.
23rd Update broke a few things, searching and fixing the VM backup machine.
24th A lounge room fuul of plants.
25th Sofie over for a catch up and getting the new NVR.
26th Setting up the new server.
27th Of course the cameras are playing up, they are blocked by a firewall rule, lets fix that shall we?
28th 3rd flick in the Bill and Ted movies. Not that great.
29th Feel like crap and sleeping all day.
30th Setting up the new camera.
31st Tweaking the camera settings.
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