April 2020

1st Tiger King is a strange but fasinating show.
2nd Is it time for pizza yet?
3rd Setting up the desk and cleaning up the cables.
4th A sleepy day.
5th Why does updating the controller break Poetman?
6th Need to redo some of the equipment.
7th New wines are here.
8th Grabbibng a lot of new books to read.
9th Streamlining editing with SFTP on the Chromebook.
10th Looking at new cameras to replace some old ones.
11th Relaxing, gardening and sorting out the office.
12th Modifying a static shelf into a sliding shelf.
13th Cleaning up in the office.
14th Fixing two more shelves.
15th Painting the bookshelves.
16th Breaking the cameras and fixing them.
17th Painting the books cases is going to take a while.
18th Relaxing, cleaning, gardening and building shelves.
19th Starting to do the DVD ripping.
20th Converting .TS files into something more manageable.
21st Why has the bank changed the cycle date?
22nd Setting up the Music Video folder.
23rd And pulling down the folder and recreating as movies.
24th Grabbing lots of old cartoons.
25th More building, this time new drawers in the ensuite.
26th Youtube and Monty Don.
27th Really need to reboot the server.
28th Remuxing more .TS rips.
29th Getting x265 files to replace x264.
30th It is going to take a while to do all this.
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