September 2019

1st Lunch with the family and dancing with Addie.
2nd Booking accomodation for the trip.
3rd Looke like the IF is working. Cleaning up about 2TB of old data from the backups.
4th Time to book in the car for its 90k service.
5th Remote support for mum is always interesting.
6th Moving more things into the shed.
7th Cleaning and making space in the bedroom.
8th Painting the pantry wall.
9th Is redundancy on the cards?
10th A scary day for Erryn and dealing with Paramedics.
11th Finally getting the PRTG server updated and clearing out the warning logs.
12th RUOK?
13th 10 years together.
14th Relaxing and putting another wine poster up.
15th More of the same as yesterday and putting the 2nd coat of paint on the pantry wall.
16th Plex down and not starting back up. A quick reboot fixed it.
17th .
18th .
19th .
20th .
21st .
22nd .
23rd .
24th .
25th .
26th .
27th .
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29th .
30th .
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Have lost 74.4 kgs so far.