October 2019

1st Getting the front windows tinted.
2nd Way too tired after work.
3rd Either reduce the snapshot length or get new HDs.
4th Another failed attempt at Koupes, looks like meatballs will be made instead.
5th Taking Addie and K&J to the airport for their holiday.
6th Lunch with the family for 3 birthdays.
7th Playing with the new monitor.
8th Trying to organise tax stuff.
9th Is CRM something that I would use?
10th Making lots of keftedes.
11th Everyone brings in a large plate of food so there is a crap ton of stuff to eat.
12th New lights in the Ensuite.
13th A stroll around Edna Walling's garden.
14th Cleaning out the charging port in the phone and there was a lot of junk.
15th Putting up more photos on the wall.
16th Picking up some flowers on the way home.
17th Setting up RamDisk monitor to see what it is doing.
18th Getting a wine list menu.
19th The last day of the bike.
20th After many years the bike is sold.
21st Two more strip lights waiting to be installed.
22nd Some more whites for the collection and is it time to setup the 2 spare mini racks?
23rd Looking up some infor to install a stip light in the kitchen.
24th New strip light in the kitchen.
25th A new gadget to make paper bricks.
26th Car service and putting up a strip light in the walk in robe.
27th More tidying up with Houden looking over the ledge.
28th More CLI alias mappings.
29th Having to adjust the language in calls seems silly but it's what they want.
30th New camera and switches to drool over.
31st Might be time to rebuild the Crashplan server.
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