November 2019

1st Breaking and fixing GBE.
2nd A couple of trips to Officeworks, fixing the Wifi in the office and research into shredders.
3rd A relaxing breakfast at Garden Feast.
4th Day one of Exams.
5th Having to hard reboot Lexx again. Time to get a managed PDU.
6th Another hard reboot needed, this time for the backup NAS.
7th Some Sauv Blancs are nice, others, not so much.
8th Last day supporting exams and a fair amount of research ahead to get the PDU.
9th Relaxing.
10th More relaxing.
11th Putting a PDU in the cabinet so things can be hard rebooted if needed.
12th A late night with some overtime at exams.
13th Well that is a huge surprise.
14th Last day of a long year and first day of a new life.
15th Crust for dinner with some really nice pizzas.
16th Making more bricks.
17th Tidying up the desk and making a but more room.
18th Tax time.
19th NAS playing up and needs to be kicked a bit. PDU to the rescue and it worked as intended.
20th Looking at TVs.
21st A lot to learn about panels and the softare to run them.
22nd Seeing the 65" up close.
23rd Pizza class.
24th Lots of Youtube vids on rotary laser levels.
25th Fun times ahead as MIFGS is go for launch.
26th A relaxing dinner at Groove Train.
27th Research for the shopping trip tomorrow.
28th Picked up the LG 65"B9. Looking forward to getting it delivered.
29th Days like this I want to quit.
30th A fun night out for dinner with Sam and the family.
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