March 2019

1st Redoing the Linux and this time installing LinuxLite. So far I'm liking it.
2nd Booking in the Ford to get fixed.
3rd Relaxing and really should be doing house/adult stuff.
4th What a crazy day.
5th Is a burger for lunch a bad idea?
6th Getting used to working without logging into the desktop for Zev.
7th Is a reducton in the CPAP the answer?
8th Plenty of free pizza and I skip lunch.
9th Resharpening the knives, pixking up the loan car and relaxing.
10th More relaxing and catching up for coffee.
11th A very quiet day on the roads.
12th Get a message to say there is an update to Plex. So load Plex and there is no update listed. Yeah fun times ahead.
13th Still tweaking LinuxLite.
14th Not a huge fan of the loan car.
15th Spinning up a few VMs in Google Cloud.
16th An early day picking up the Ford and looking after Addie for a few hours.
17th Cleaning up an old domain.
18th Time to remove some stuff.
19th WVD is down and might be that way for a while.
20th Looking at a few more stocks.
21st Organising for Easter and planning for mum to stay over.
22nd Working out the budget.
23rd Relaxing for most of the day.
24th Lunch for Nana's 80th.
25th A few phone calls and saving almost $200 a month.
26th Is it time to go back on shakes for a while?
27th Bugger, monitor not turning on.
28th Playing around with a new 27" monitor.
29th Really need to sort out the office.
30th A day working out new storage in the office and getting new toys from Bunnings.
31st After a several hours finally got the desk setup.
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