July 2019

1st First day of the new (financial) year is always fun and busy at work.
2nd Picking up some used drawers for the office. Nice and cheap at $10.
3rd Jury Duty then walking around the city and grabbing some dinner.
4th Another day of Jury Duty.
5th Is it possible to relax at work?
6th Saturday morning Aldi run.
7th Quick trip into Melbourne Uni then a relaxing lunch.
8th Another week of oncall.
9th Butter "Chicken".
10th Time to update W3C compliance.
11th Damnit. A simple character difference between i and l fixes the broken link in a line of code. Sometime it's the little things.
12th Looking at socks.
13th Relaxing while on call and waiting for the phone not to ring. Mothers and cousins are both loveable and annoying at the same time.
14th Taking a leap into some travel plans.
15th The future changes at the drop of a hat. Some IVF plans don't always to to plan.
16th Applying for another job but not really wanting it.
17th No suprise at not getting the role.
18th Time to get serious about a 1RU PDU.
19th Bowling and lots of fun at an arcade with the team after work.
20th Faling over is never fun.
21st A new wine catalog tool that looks good.
22nd Updating the wine list.
23rd A few more links and publishing the list for easy access.
24th Training new people is always fun.
25th Forgetting to log in with pi means no access to an smb share, how silly of me.
26th Way too cold and lazy. Really should be cleaning up the house.
27th Another 80 bottles of storage space is on its way.
28th Sleeping most of the day.
29th First day of semester is always a crazy day.
30th New videos, new books and lots more learning about wines.
31st Half a small burger and I fell asleep.
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