January 2019

1st A long drive to Cloudehill gardens and Pie in the Sky in Olinda.
2nd First day back and it is crazy but not unexpected.
3rd Finally getting the 3D fillament to be delivered to the parcel locker.
4th Breaking the desktop in Linux by a misconfig in fstab. The fun begins to get it fixed.
5th Catching up with Jamie, Hannah and the kids.
6th Bandersnatch is an interesting way to watch movies.
7th Getting into the daily routine of the ripping of DVDs for the backups.
8th Is GitHub a usefull?
9th Dealing with mum and her "broken" leg, hip and pelvis.
10th .A ripping we will go, a ripping we will go.
11th More overtime is a posibility.
12th Bindge watching Roswell.
13th Cleaning and relaxing inbetween Roswell.
14th It's 30+ degrees and I'm cold?
15th So apt/apt-get dist-upgrade always showed an up to date system and more research reveils an old kernal needing rpi-update, so now on the latest version.
16th Slowly updating the metadata for some of the shows.
17th Another long day with a couple of hours overtime.
18th Giving up 2 free pizzas from work. Part of me wanted to take them but I figured this was the right choice.
19th Relaxing and should be doing house work.
20th More searching of laptops.
21st Erryn back at work and feeling better.
22nd Hmmmm... Noodles.
23rd Backup NAS having a conniption.
24th 2 hour power blackout due to the heat and having to reconfig a few things again.
25th Figured there would be more traffic, no complaints when traffic is light.
26th Way too much traffic and not finding the stuff I want at Aldi.
27th Getting a new laptop for Erryn.
28th What? That was the last eposide? How did that happen?
29th Ooooo a USB POE injector will go nicely on Poetman.
30th Breaking Poetman settings by duplicating the IP in DHCP.
31st Finally cathing up on the last Saw movie.
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