February 2019

1st A really nice dinner at Jade Steam celebrating Addie's 2nd birthday.
2nd Relaxing for the day.
3rd Another day of rest.
4th Finding some open directories to seach.
5th So, what is available on wget?
6th Slow to download but it is working ok.
7th Still wgetting.
8th 55GB so far and still going.
9th Binge watching the new Monkey series.
10th Sleeping most of the day.
11th New look for the dashboard.
12th Wrapping several little gifts and waiting a couple of weeks.
13th Time to look at the new NAS?
14th Updating the In Wall and then it fails to adopt again.
15th Booking the car in for a service in about a month.
16th Relaxing.
17th A fun few hours with Addie.
18th A busy day woking on about 100 tickets.
19th Rethinking the new NAS for the moment.
20th Is it home time yet?
21st A day in the training room cleaning up a few hundred jobs, then a stroll at the plaza for Mexican for dinner.
22nd 3 minutes to 10 and the on call phone rings, a fun 45 minutes follow.
23rd Relaxing and sleeping.
24th Catching up with the family for Grumpy's birthday.
25th Getting home and crashing on the couch for some much needed sleep.
26th This is going to get expensive.
27th A night alone.
28th Finally getting VPN in Linux setup.
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