December 2019

1st Another trip to The Good Guys to pickup a soundbar then setting it up on the new TV.
2nd Getting a new Chromecast.
3rd Looking forward to the weekend.
4th Checking out the Nvidia Shield.
5th A new switch and camera to be setup. Internet broke. Had to factory reset the USG and re-adopt
6th Christmas dinner with work and tasting a really nice Shiraz (Scotchmans Hill on the Bellarine Peninsula).
7th Testing out the Nvidia Shield.
8th The Shield is not looking good at this point. Speed is ok but space is a concern.
9th Swapping the switches and getting ready for the office move.
10th Looking after Addie.
11th Started to cable up the garage ready for the cameras.
12th Thought it would be quick but getting the cameras into the roof space took a long time.
13th Breaking the config of the router. Good thing there is a backup..
14th Looking after Addie.
15th A very fun might at the Elton John concert.
16th Relaxing and watching new shows.
17th Ordering the new Fitbit Versa 2.
18th Another Google Home Mini on the way.
19th Bah, the new minis have a 3.5mm power plug instead of usb micro or C.
20th Last day for the year then a week of on call.
21st Setting up the new Fibit and singing along with Christmas carols.
22nd Relaxing and resting.
23rd Late night shopping for gifts.
24th A day watching Good Girls.
25th Updating VirtualBox is a pain at times. Breaking a seemingly standard install that needed several reboots to "fix" the issue with no other changes made. Then onto the family Christmas lunch.
26th Another lunch with the other side of the family and playing with Addie's new doll house.
27th Intstalling the new camera and fixing the unprocessed segments error on the NVR.
28th Birthday lunch with Maria and the family.
29th Another timber project, making a stand for the TV.
30th Finishing touches on the TV stand.
31st Relaxing for the last day of the year.
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