September 2018

1st Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaing.
2nd A relaxng lunch with the family.
3rd Yikes!
4th This is how the place should stay at all times, hopefully that is!
5th Booking some leave and looking forward to it.
6th So much politics at work I'm over it.
7th Trivia night with the team from work.
8th A stroll with the dogs and 80's night.
9th More 80's movies for the weekend.
10th Plex is playing better lately, haven't noticed the pausing issue.
11th And why is Linux giving errors when trying to update?
12th Looks like cli stuff is ok but not gui. Strange but something to try and fix.
13th Happy 7th Anniversary. Spent the day with Erryn and Addie at the zoo.
14th Work getting back to normal with both queues in the normal ranges again.
15th Haircut and sleeping on the recliner. Lexx playing up and not loading the services. A few reboots seems to have fixed it.
16th An update to the NAS seems to have broken it a bit. Keeps dropping the IP.
17th Looks like Lexx is back to normal for now but haven't load tested it.
18th Breaking DNS and then fixing DNS.
19th Finally tidying up part of the garage while the car gets a major service.
20th Looking up pegboards.
21st A bit more research to do.
22nd A long day walking aroung the Show Grounds but very fun and we picked up a lot of things.
23rd Relaxing and cleaning.
24th More tweaking of the DNS settings.
25th When is the next holiday?
26th Slowly going down but it is taking a while.
27th Is the backup server and the NVR finally playing nicely after the password reset?
28th Relaxing, cleaning and gardening.
29th Relaxing and not watching some silly footy match.
30th Catching up with Kathryn and John for lunch at Vinh's kitchen.
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