October 2018

1st Setting up 2FA.
2nd Slowly moving accounts across.
3rd Date night!
4th Breaking LAGs, VLANs from 2 x 2GB and recreating back into 4GB.
5th BBQ after work and a long drive home and ready for bed.
6th A busy but fun day sharpening knives.
7th Relaxing and cleaning.
8th Bring on the fun and games.
9th Having fun at a massage course.
10th What a crappy day. Really over it and should not bring the grumpy thoughts home.
11th Hey, today is Thursday. for some reson I thought it was Wednesday.
12th Getting a Google Home Mini from work.
13th Playing around with Philips Hue.
14th And of course it breaks and no longer integrates with Google Home.
15th Hue is linked again to Home.
16th Researching Hue lights and different apps.
17th New lights and motion sensors.
18th Playing around with the lights and looking at more items.
19th And yes, more things to set up, this time, dimmer switches.
20th Finally getting the SMB server settings to play nice. Did not know that the SSH details are different to the SMB onces. Ah well, another learning experience.
21st Three more sliding shelves for the pantry.
22nd Looking at the USG Pro.
23rd Learning more massage stuff.
24th Pro time :)
25th Really need to recable the cabinet.
26th Hoping Terry gets better.
27th A fun day looking after Addie and finally getting around to tidying up the cables in the cabinet.
28th Server playing funny buggers.
29th Settings via an API. More things to learn.
30th What a shitty day. No more Thursday with Addie for a while :(
31st A new toy. Grabbed a 3D printer.
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