November 2018

1st Lots to learn with 3D printing.
2nd Such a simple trick to put blue tape on the printer bed.
3rd More printing and learning.
4th This has a steep learning curve.
5th Picking up a couple of things to make it easier for the printing.
6th There is a lot of things to learn from slicing to filaments.
7th Is the day over yet?
8th A day off.
9th Relaxing in Ballarat.
10th Walking around some gardens and taking in the sites.
11th Too short a break but still a fun weekend.
12th YAY, back to normal times.
13th Another massage training night with more to learn.
14th Looking at Synology.
15th The RS1219+ looks like a good unit.
16th Day off and sleeping most of the day.
17th Really sore back and taking pain killers.
18th Another day of mostly reset.
19th Is it time to get Plex onto a new server?
20th Another busy night but fun getting a massage.
21st Running out of space on both NASs?
22nd Bring on the Black Friday sales.
23rd Is this cold going to go away?
24th New heater and starting to setup the lights for Christmas.
25th Catching up with the family for dinner.
26th Expanding the NAS with 2x12TB drives.
27th Main NAS done and moving onto the backup.
28th Got a sore neck today.
29th Resting at home trying not to move my neck too much.
30th Another day of rest and trying not to move my neck too much.
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