May 2018

1st A long day picking up Addie and dong a car swap with Erryn.
2nd How does this place get cluttered so easily?
3rd Taking care of Addie again.
4th Happy Star Wars Day!!!
5th Taking down the old fence.
6th Putting up the new fence.
7th Hunting down a lock for the side gate.
8th Catching up with Sofie for coffee.
9th A bugger of a day. Bye Nick. Sad to see you go :(
10th Playing around with Android P Beta.
11th Lots of wind and rain.
12th Finishing the fence and putting a lock on the gate. Then dinner with mum.
13th Catching up with the family for a light lunch.
14th Load average of 300+ means a reboot and tidy up of the NAS.
15th Update to Windows means only 10GB left on the main drive. Time to clean up the old install files.
16th Installing and playing around with Manjaro Linux.
17th Last day of leave and back to work tomorrow for Erryn.
18th Saying goodbye to a good friend.
19th Way too painful today and dosing up on meds.
20th Relaxing walk at the Williamstown Craft Market and a nice lunch in the rain.
21st Almost there.
22nd Finally got back below 70kgs.
23rd I want pizza.
24th New laptop at work and getting 4 screens up and running.
25th Garlic pizza...YUM!!!
26th Finally getting around to celaning up the mud room.
27th Another camera installed, only temp for now and still need to mount it properly.
28th Chasing dogs, cleaning up broken bowls and looking after Addie, another fun day in the taeper household.
29th Plunger time.
30th Ordering 7 new shirts for work.
31st Being a bit sly and hiding for the day.
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