June 2018

1st Cleaning up the office and starting on the mud room.
2nd A sore day and pottering around the house and Sam over for dinner. A very scary night with a lot of dizzyness.
3rd Another workshop at All Green leaning more about edible gardens.
4th Another camera to add to the network.
5th Why would someone steal a plant from the front garden?
6th Way too sore and need a bazillion heat packs.
7th Getting a new debit card.
8th Late night shopping at Spotlight.
9th Internet droped out, pulling the power for 30 seconds does nothing but pulling the power for 2 mins fixes it. Very strange.
10th Putting up a rail in the laundry and onto Gabby's for a her birthday dinner & drinks. A last minute change of plans, so missing out on the party tonight
11th No interwebs for a couple of days.
12th Listening to Wagon Wheel and other Darius Rucker tunes.
13th Back online. Looks like to toilet is going to cost several thousand to get fixed.
14th Does the cleaning ever stop?
15th New mince to try out.
16th Looking after Addie for the day.
17th Is it time for some new hard drives again.
18th Playing around with Bodhi Linux.
19th 3°C is way too cold for my back in the mornings.
20th Way too cold for this.
21st Where is the gain from?
22nd Okta is gong to be a big change.
23rd Cleaning and relaxing.
24th Running around in IKEA to get some ideas.
25th 30% space free?
26th Getting hit in the car, bugger.
27th And waiting for the insurance to do its thing.
28th A busy start to the day with a new log in system.
29th Another busy day.
30th Relaxing and cleaning.
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