July 2018

1st A Bunnings run to get a sliding drawer for the kitchen cupboard.
2nd New training for the two munchkins.
3rd Looks like the training and cleaning is working out ok.
4th Taking care of Addie for the night.
5th Slowly going down under 70 for a few days.
6th Visiting Kathryn and chatting about their new house.
7th Sleeping for way too many hours and taking several pain pills today.
8th A fun day at Alice in Wonderland.
9th Going down.
10th Really sore today.
11th Looking at more furniture for the house.
12th Breaking the DNS again.
13th And putting the DNS settings back again, this time, tweaking a bit at a time. The new Funky Min e is really good and makes nice burgers.
14th Bokking the car in for repairs, lots of walking around OP Shops and a relaxing lunch..
15th Getting a new play pen for Addie.
16th Need to get my head together and stop thinking about food.
17th Why am I awake at 2am?
18th A day at the hospital with Erryn.
19th Trying to relax and catch up on sleep.
20th Busy day with a lot of unhappy people.
21st Dropping the car off and getting an I20 for a couple of weeks.
22nd Picking up a stroller for Addie.
23rd An extreame day with way too many calls.
24th This car is not very good.
25th Unifi backups are breaking.
26th What has changed?
27th Slowing down a bit at work meas being able to catch up on jobs.
28th It's cold and wet out there.
29th Orchids.
30th And it's busy again.
31st Knifes, whetstones and a lot of Youtube.
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