January 2018

1st Last day of leave and want more time off.
2nd Back at work to find a few hundred emails to get through.
3rd Playing around with Linux in VMs.
4th This thing is getting tricky in parts.
5th Some wines are good... Others, not so much.
6th A day bindge watching Black Mirror.
7th Learning about edible gardens.
8th A welcome visitor for us to baby/dog sit for a few weeks.
9th Migrating the backup to a new VM.
10th A bit of tweaking here and there and getting some ok results.
11th Another doctor appointment with a new provider.
12th Visiting Grumpy in hospital.
13th Sleeping most of the day.
14th A busy day buying stuff for the house and drilling holes in walls.
15th Looks like the Linux VM had a corrupt hard drive. Good thing is was VM with daily snapshots of the hard drive.
16th A long drive to Geelong to take care of Erryn.
17th YAY! She's back.
18th 43°C and loving it.
19th Grumpy staying with us for a week or so.
20th Putting up curtains, selling the TV unit and sleeping on the couch.
21st Catching up with the cousins at a wedding.
22nd Way too tired and getting an early night.
23rd Planning a bit walk on the weekend to help the Frogs hack lots of portals.
24th Why am I gardening?
25th Up and Down... Up and Down.
26th Relaxing.
27th Mission Day hacking around Fitzroy.
28th Sleeping and relaxing with the family over for dinner in the heat.
29th Getting onto Slack to join the EnlVic community.
30th Missy is very cheeky.
31st Something is up (or down?) with Zev.
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