February 2018

1st Getting the updated version of Crashplan, so can the stats be viewed in the CLI?
2nd Bond...James Bond.
3rd Lunch with a happy 1 year old Addie.
4th Cleaning up and cutting down the tree on the back fence.
5th Gigashadow is dead. Long live PoetMan
6th Linux is Linux but it's not Linux but it is? What the?
7th Almost got the printer setup.
8th Might be time to look at another cloud backup service.
9th Will splitting the backup speed it up?
10th Relaxing and reading.
11th Planting veggies.
12th Is the Linux backup server going to be rebuilt?
13th Seems to be running ok but more testing to be done.
14th Love you day.
15th More tweaking and trying to find the slowdown.
16th Fainting and blacking out is not fun.
17th Getting a checkup and blood work done at the GP. Need to make some adjustments in diet and lifestyle for low blood pressure.
18th Lunch with family and getting lots of Arduino stuff to play with.
19th Delivery of soil and bark for the garden.
20th Is DPI the issue?
21st Bugger, looks like the NVR is dead.
22nd Would rather be at home resting.
23rd Jack's training is progressing nicely.
24th Coming up with ideas for some Arduino projects. Got about a dozen floating around in my head.
25th Missing running around with Jack and having heaps of fun.
26th Another iron injection to boost my levels.
27th I should have worn two jumpers. Getting home and sleeping for several hours, waking up, having dinner then going back to sleep.
28th Sore, tired and want to go home.
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