April 2018

1st Back at home and have a lot of unpacking to do.
2nd Relaxing at home and having the family over for lunch.
3rd Finally getting the ring resized so it fits properly.
4th Back at work and very close to level 14 in Ingress.
5th Reinstalling Linux and Crashplan.
6th Time to replace some hard drives in the NAS.
7th Only took about 2 years but we now have a clothes line.
8th Lunch with the family.
9th Catching up with Sophie.
10th Now to swap the 3TB in the backup NAS to a 6TB one.
11th Powershell training with a lot to learn.
12th Another day of training.
13th Yep, yet another lot of training but today was only ½ a day.
14th Family over for dinner for Terry's birthday.
15th Catching up with the other side of the family for Lexi's birthday.
16th Is it too soon to plan another holiday?
17th Working on scripts to get the backup logs formatted nicely.
18th Chasing down some tops at Aldi.
19th More planting and getting some garden ideas.
20th Of course ssh wont work if the server is not installed.
21st Baby sitting Addie for the night.
22nd Relaxing but really should be cleaning up.
23rd Getting a new wine fridge.
24th Getting the new Linux server up and running, lets see how this one goes.
25th Relaxing and getting lots of washing done.
26th The house is crazy again. Addie is back for a day and Missy is back for a week.
27th Getting a grip on Powershell and writing stuff for work.
28th A quick catch up from Sofie and mum.
29th Another day with Addie.
30th Step 1) Remember to Run as Admin. Step 2) Read step 1.
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