September 2017

1st Getting the car looked at, clutch going to be replaced for free under warranty.
2nd Dinner with the family at Alasya Turkish Restaurant.
3rd Getting new furniture.
4th Creeping up and creeping down.
5th Would rather be at home.
6th Getting more RAM for the NAS.
7th Taking care of Erryn.
8th And looks like the wrong RAM.
9th Dinner and a catchup with Sofie.
10th Lunch with the family for Grandma's birthday.
11th Running around chasing cheese.
12th Time to clean up.
13th A relaxing day enjoying another great year.
14th This could get messy. The NAS is not responding...
15th A reboot fixed it. may need to go back to scheduled reboots.
16th Playing around with a new monitoring tool.
17th Puppies everywhere!
18th Way too busy.
19th Trying to relax.
20th A slower dsay at work.
21st Organizing concrete.
22nd Coming along slowly.
23rd The place is a mess but concrete has started.
24th Need to clean up.
25th Catching up with John to get the taxes done.
26th Getting more expensive.
27th Looking forward to a slower weekend.
28th More concrete.
29th Sore throat and trying to relax.
30th Feeling a lot better.
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