November 2017

1st Setting up the new phone and having fun with it.
2nd Need a holiday.
3rd The place is a mess and needs to be tidied up.
4th A fun night ay John & Joanna's wedding.
5th Relaxing and cleaning.
6th Getting new Pro hard drives for the NAS.
7th Synced and online, now the expansion starts.
8th Drive done, now to update the next one.
9th Swaped the second drive, let the sync begin.
10th Main NAS all done, now showing 16TB.
11th Strolling around a craft show.
12th And of course the backup NAS now showing low disk space. Time to go back to the store and get another drive.
13th Swapped a standard drive for a Pro drive in the NAS.
14th I really need to stop with the pasta.
15th Callista training.
16th A day in hospital with Erryn.
17th Doing well.
18th A late night at the hospital.
19th Back at home and looking after Erryn.
20th Getting out and walking around the shops.
21st Relaxing, cleaning and organizing the NBN.
22nd Sorting out the phone line for NBN. Why do we need it?
23rd Might have to redo the script on the site. Can it be run after the page loads?
24th Wish I was home.
25th Running around the shops trying to find something to eat.
26th Relaxing.
27th Training.
28th More training and getting the NBN installed.
29th Last day of training with a lot to try and remember.
30th Relaxing, cleaning and getting the new NBN connection.
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