May 2017

1st Getting a new portfolio tracker.
2nd Taking care of Erryn.
3rd Waiting for the scrub to finish.
4th A relaxing stroll around some shops after work.
5th Is it home time yet?
6th Dinner at the Buttlers Pantry.
7th Relaxing.
8th Syncing the NAS directly to Google Drive.
9th Packing.
10th Looking farward to the break.
11th Getting used to the bike again.
12th Is 20 packets of Cup-a-Soups too much?
13th Lunch with the family.
14th Thailand here we come.
15th Walking around Siam Centre.
16th Cooking class, street market tour some great food and a very long day. The Pineapple and Corn pies at Macca's were different.
17th More walking and a great dinner with some very hot chillies at Jamie's Italian.
18th The Platinum Fashion Mall is a huge place with lots of cheap clothes. The Caturday Cafe is a fun place to visit.
19th Bridge on the river Kwai, a very long day with 6 hours travailing but still worth it.
20th Chadachuck Market another long day. The place is huge, walked around for 7ish hours and still did not see everything.
21st More shopping at MBK.
22nd Grand Palace and Terminal 21 with great food court and very cheap prices.
23rd Time to relax at the beach for a week.
24th Holy cow. $1200 on suits (3 jackets, 6 trousers and 5 shirts) in Khao Lak.
25th Getting suit measured and walking over the scary bridge to get dinner.
26th Relaxing in the pool, more walking then taking a Thai language class.
27th More walking and food at the Bang Niang night market.
28th I could get used to all this cheap yummy food.
29th The people here are so friendly. They gave us a lift back to the resort after dinner.
30th Relaxing by the beach and changing plans to go to Phuket.
31stLong drive to Phuket but great place to see.
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