March 2017

1st Happy birthday too you.
2nd Ordering more cables and stuff from 4Cabling.
3rd Another camera setup.
4th Booking flights for the holiday.
5th Slept most of the day, really tired today.
6th Looking forward to the weekend.
7th Contrast MRI is not a fun thing to do.
8th More surgeries coming up.
9th House is starting to look good.
10th New stuff to play with to rearrange the cabinet.
11th Housewarming.
12th Meeting up with a new border for the kids.
13th Wish everyday was this quiet on the roads.
14th Finished up the power cable organising.
15th Now to put labels on things.
16th Looking forward to the weekend.
17th Results of the MRI, found nothing.
18th A fantastic day at Sovereign Hill.
19th A long drive home to pick up the kids.
20th Some bad news means family could lose the house, will have to wait and see.
21st What to do?
22nd Some tough choices are ahead.
23rd New CC on the way.
24th Looking forward to the holiday.
25th Relaxing.
26th More relaxing.
27th Dark days and cold nights, summer is a better season.
28th Moving the patch panel and the switch.
29th New shiny card.
30th Finally got the VLAN setup and working with a guest Wifi.
31st Several injections for the trip.
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