June 2017

1st Banzaan Fresh market is small but everything is fresh and cheap. Tiger restaurant has some great decorations
2nd Home time and two planes.
3rd Resting, sleeping and unpacking.
4th Getting ready for work.
5th So many changes.
6th Getting used to the cold again.
7th More work with the hosting team.
9th Crisis averted.
10th New toy for Erryn.
11th Relaxing and catching up with family.
12th Riding into work on a public holiday is nice and easy with no cars on the road.
13th Researching RN3138 and hard drives.
14th Relaxing and getting another checkup.
15th Getting used to the new desk at work.
16th A day at the hospital taking care of Erryn.
17th Home again, saying bye to Sam and resting.
18th Cleaning and resting.
19th Upgrading the RAM in Lexx.
20th I may need to get some longer cables.
21st Relaxing.
22nd Fire drills, manager accounts in QAT and getting server access means a fun day at work.
23rd Is it home time yet?
24th Really need to cut the grass.
25th Cleaning up after Jack.
26th Trying to setup VLANS via a second switch.
27th Cameras and switch setup for new VLAN.
28th Now trying to do the same thing for and lounge switch.
29th VLANS not playing nicely.
30th Breaking the wireless and dropping out the interwebs, bad me :(
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