July 2017

1st Fixing the wireless, yay, interwebs again, good me :)
2nd Relaxing, gardening and more relaxing.
3rd About to get a new NAS.
4th Trying to follow the GPS and getting lost.
5th Bring on the NAS.
6th It should not take nearly 2 hours to get to work.
7th New NAS to play with.
8th Setting up and started the backup.
9th Still a lot to do for the NAS.
10th Copy copy copy.
11th More copying and configuring.
12th Making the big switch over to the new NAS.
13th Cleaning up the old one ready for decommision.
14th Last little bits to tidy up.
15th Reorganising the cabinet.
16th Relaxing and sleeping most of the day.
17th Tired and sore all over.
18th Over this, want to be at home.
19th Almost filled the old NAS.
20th Setting up the VPN.
21st Games and dinner at work.
22nd Puppy sitting Sunny and Jack is having fun chasing after her.
23rd Relaxing.
24th Crazy day at work with a fire alarm in the middle of it.
25th Tweaking the drive mappings to get them to stick.
26th A long day at doctors and looking at cars.
27th Fiddling with VLANs.
28th Good to be home.
29th Relaxing.
30th Google Home is in the house!!!
31st Learning how the new toy works.
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