January 2017

1st Cleaning and relaxing.
2nd Relaxing late lunch at Hot Goss Cafe.
3rd A crazy first day back at work.
4th Time to get back to the gym.
5th New 5 port POE switch and setting up ISCSI for the machines to use..
6th Crap, bike seems a bit too heavy and wants to be lying at 90°. All good and no damage done.
7th A leisurely walk to get some brekky.
8th Relaxing day.
9th Finally got IIS to play nice with Raspberry Pi.
10th Time to clean up Google Drive and the backups.
11th Another bottle of wine to add to the collection.
12th Sorting out paperwork.
13th Fitbark for Penny will be interesting.
14th Patting Cats and kittens.
15th Baby Shower.
16th Trying to keep things clean.
17th Trying to decide where the lights go.
18th Bugger, one of the lights needs to be replaced.
19th More blood tests.
20th Summit! Where are you?
21st Found her! Damn she is good at hiding.
22nd A relaxing walk around Geelong.
23rd Re-arranging the office to get a better workflow.
24th YAY, normal weight.
25th Walking around Docklands and checking out the new library.
26th Sleeping and relaxing most of the day.
27th Dinner with the family.
28th Might be time to reformat the PC.
29th Nope, a reboot of Lexx fixed it, yeah strange but it looks ok for now.
30th And it dropped out again. Getting a new NIC to see if that fixes the issue.
31st Running around Hawthorn attaching portals.
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