February 2017

1st More research to figure out why the NIC is playing up.
2nd Is Lenni going to be a new house mate?
3rd Where is the elephant going?
4th New puppy to keep Pnny busy.
5th This is going to take some time to get used to.
6th Time to setup a new IP camera to see what the kids get up to during the day.
7th Watching the kids sleeping on the couch for most of the day.
8th Looking at mre cameras.
9th Playing around with batch files to reboot the NIC when needed.
10th Catching up with Addie.
11th Still having issues with the desktop.
12th Moving Plex to a new server.
13th Disabled Plex for now.
14th Looks like an overseas trip is on the cards.
15th Well, there ya go. Overseas here we come.
16th Spending some more $$$ on networking stuff to play with.
17th A new camera in the kitchen.
18th A tiring day then a nice dinner with family.
19th Another camera done.
20th And trying to battle with the new gateway.
21st Killing the wireless and getting it back again.
22nd Now to get network back again.
23rd Finally got the gateway up and running and put the modem in bridge mode.
24th Would rather be at home.
25th Happy 80th.
26th A relaxing day.
27th What happened today?
28th Busy day at work.
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