December 2017

1st Power outage and waiting for the NBN to speed up.
2nd Finally fixed the NBN and getting nice fast uploads speads. Having a nice dinner with the family for Sam's birthday.
3rd Catching up with Matt and some old friends for a Christmas party.
4th 2 WANs? Why did I not notice that before?
5th Setting up DynDNS and getting it to work.
6th Nice and quick IP apdates when the firewall needs it.
7th The garden is looking great.
8th Time for a new camera and switch.
9th Relaxing with a nice lunch at the Crooked Fork.
10th Way too tired today.
11th Setting up the new camera and switch.
12th YAY for scripting. Let's see who it works.
13th Feeling like crap and pill popping today.
14th Should be resting with the heat pack instead of being at work.
15th Way too sore today.
16th Sleeping most of the day.
17th Making a batch of fried rice for work lunches.
18th Cleaning up.
19th New APs on the way.
20th All set up and getting 95+ Mbps down & 35+ Mbps up on wifi.
21st Walking around a night market.
22nd Sleeping.
23rd Tweaking the WiFis.
24th Dinner with the family.
25th A busy day with family for brekkie and lunch.
26th Another busy day for Christmas lunch.
27th Sleeping and watching The Good Witch.
28th Visiting mum and going to the movies to see Downsizing.
29th Relaxing and cleaning up after the madness of the last week.
30th Where has the time gone?
31st A walk on the beach and taking care of a stray dog.
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