August 2017

1st Dinner at Addie's.
2nd New toys.
3rd After dinner with work for Reqeeba's going away.
4th Damn you HDHomeRun. Why you no VLAN?
5th Test driving old/new cars.
6th Buying old/new cars.
7th Researching the car.
8th Really need to be careful in the garage now.
9th Getting used to it and liking the new car.
10th Phone is really starting to bug me now.
11th Relaxing.
12th Need to make room in the garage.
13th Falling over and getting hurt is never fun.
14th Part of the day off phones in training to learn how to use the phones?
15th Hey, the lights are automatic?
16th Slowly cleaning up and making more room.
17th Way too tired and need about 70 Billions hours of deep sleep.
18th Trying out an indoor aerial.
19th And of course it doesn't pick up any stations.
20th Relaxing and wanting way too much food.
21st Need to contact Ford for the car to try and book it in.
22nd Who is the radio not working?
23rd And Crashplan doubles its price.
24th Is is time to migrate Crashpan to the main Desktop?
25th A fun night at dinner at work.
26th Relaxing and showing off the new car .
27th Cleaning up the pantry and making space.
28th Slow systems at work means a stressful day.
29th Getting the garage all linked up and working.
30th New wine rack in the pantry.
31st Relaxing.
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