April 2017

1st Lots of running around to organise stuff with banks and docs.
2nd Bingeing on Hell's Kitchen.
3rd Trying to sort out the remote desktop slowness.
4th Fiddling with network settings.
5th A bit of research.
6th Dipping my toe into the NYSE.
7th Need to relax.
8th Relaxing.
9th Catching up with Jamie and Hannah.
10th A busy day.
11th Taking the long way to get to work and trying to get around road works.
12th Starting to slow down a bit and relax.
13th Walking around the Glen then wishing Leah a happy birthday.
14th Setting up the standing desk.
15th Damn lawnmower.
16th A long day, breakfast with half the family then dinner with the other half.
17th Relaxing and reading.
18th More relaxing, I could get used to this.
19th No data recorded frm ISP, will be interesting to see how much has been downloaded.
20th Another day another dollar.
21st Looking forward to the weekend.
22nd Relaxing.
23rd Catching up with Sofie.
24th A new tool to make is easier to cut timber.
25th Finally started on the garage.
26th Cheeky puppies.
27th Booking tickets to Boney M.
28th Would rather be at home reading.
29th Cleaning and relaxing.
30th A relaxing day walking around Harbour Town.
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