September 2016

1st .Would rather be at home
2nd Back way too sore today.
3rd Sorting out the garage.
4th Catching up with the family for a relaxing lunch.
5th Need to tidy up.
6th A relaxing dinner at Raffaels Cafe, Bar & Grill.
7th Great burger but ate too much and fell asleep.
8th RUOK?
9th Time for another weekend away to relax.
10th 90th birthday for grandma.
11th Catching up with other bandits.
12th Trying to relax.
13th Where has the last 5 years gone?
14th Resetting the phone.
15th Getting more HVST.
16th Want to be at home.
17th Welcome home Penny.
18th Penny and Summit getting along ok.
19th More training.
20th Research for Ballarat.
21st Trying to troubleshoot shoot with people who should know better.
22nd A very happy Penny when we got home on her first day by herself.
23rd Running around with doctors getting tests done.
24th Researching solar.
25th Relaxing lunch at Jellybread Cafe with Penny.
26th A very happy Penny to see us after work.
27th Would rather be at home.
28th Lunch with work mates.
29th Taking Penny to the Vet.
30th Ballarat here we come, Border Inn for Lunch and Chat for Tea Vegetarian for dinner and it was fantastic.
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