October 2016

1st A busy day relaxing and doing nothing, The George Hotel for brekfast, Sweet Fern for a few gifts for ourselves, Beetchworth Bakery for lunch, Lake Wendouree in the afternoon then Freight Bar for Dinner.
2nd A relaxing Lespresso for brunch and home to get even more rest.
3rd Lalique Pour Homme Lion is a nice scent.
4th Crasy day at work.
5th Bring on the Pixel.
6th Not good news for me.
7th What happend today?
8th Slept for most of the day, I hate this feeling.
9th Relaxing.
10th Penny training is going to take a while.
11th New blinds.
12th Goodbye Kim. Hope you are happy and pain free now :(
13th .
14th A quiet day at work for a change and playing some Candy Box 2.
15th An early breakfast and walking around Better Homes and Gardens show.
16th Catching up with mum.
17th A new game, A Dark Room.
18th Has it been three months already?
19th Saying goodbye to Kim.
20th First dinner in the alfresco, might not seem like much but it was nice and relaxing.
21st YAY wine!
22nd Relaxing.
23rd Has it been three months already? That has gone fast.
24th Another checkup for Penny.
25th Time to get more storage in Lexx, seems to have plenty of space but below 20% free.
26th NAS about $700, drives about $225-375 each depending on what I get.
27th Driving the new Mazda3 for a couple of days.
28th Newer car but it has less features. Why?
29th Getting ideas for the garden.
30th A day of Quantum Leap.
31st Trying to think of end of year items to add to review.
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