November 2016

1st A lot of copying and pasting of emails.
2nd 2 new 6TB drives for the NAS should help with the storage.
3rd 1 drive in and rebuilding.
4th 2nd one in and also rebuilding.
5th Getting hearing checked.
6th Lunch with the family.
7th Another checkup for Penny.
8th Hey look! Now in HTTPS.
9th Organising the fence.
10th Looking forward to the BBQ.
11th Dealing with a gas leak.
12th First ride in a while.
13th Really need to clean up the garage.
14th It should not take this long to get to work.
15th Yikes, ran out of Penny food.
16th Damnit, got a flat tyre that needs to be repaired.
17th Way too much traffic.
18th YAY, garlic pizza.
19th YAY for the weekend.
20th Putting up flashing lights.
21st Way too tired and need sleep.
22nd Getting a nice tree.
23rd Getting rid of book for the garage sale.
24th Sorting out baby stuff, what to keep and what to sell.
25th Interviews at work means changing are coming.
26th Garage sale.
27th Another day of garage sale.
28th A new Christmas tree.
29th A day at the docs getting checked with more blood taken.
30th Trying to work out how the aircon and heating is setup.
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