May 2016

1st Easter with the family.
2nd A good day today.
3rd A bit tired but not too bad.
4th Would rather be at home.
5th Getting stuff done.
6th Happy Birthday.
7th Tired.
8th It's muddy but we have carpets.
9th Getting photos of the house.
10th Still tired.
11th Need hugs.
12th Want to be home.
13th A long drive home.
14th Open house.
15th Catching up with Sofie.
16th Reading through contracts to double check things.
17th Good thing we have things written down in the contract.
18th Certificate of Occupancy.
19th Another inspection.
20th Almost there with the house. Once more payment, checking a few things are done in the contracts and we get the keys.
21st Open house.
22nd Relaxing.
23rd An offer is a good thing.
24th Feeling like crap and want to be at home.
25th Another house inspection.
26th A written offer that is too hard to refuse.
27th Party time.
28th Running around getting things organized.
29th Relaxing on the couch all day.
30th A core switch that goes down means a crazy day at work.
31st Back to the gym and relaxing in the spa.
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